Ellen S Singer

Financial Representative

Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

We provide you with access to a nationwide network of representatives, advisors and specialists—people who have invested their time and developed their talents to become experts and they have the knowledge that comes only from experience.

What’s paramount is to have a flexible approach with complementary solutions. We strive to call on the full capabilities of Northwestern Mutual, providing our clients with financial services that allow them to feel assured that their intentions have been understood and their needs are being addressed.

My Mission

Even in a field where careers are built on statistics, Ellen Singer doesn't focus on numbers or compare herself to others.

“My focus is on participating in the world and contributing in every way that I can,” Ellen says.  “I don't measure myself against other people, but against the best of what I can be, and then striving to achieve that every day.  My mission is to improve the lives of others and to improve myself." 

Ellen strives to follow these ten points in her life and business:

1. Enhance the well being of others.

2. Respect financial committments.

3. Act with equanimity.

4. Convey true impressions.

5. Bring people together.

6. Speak professionally and respectfully.

7. Speak about meaningful things.

8. Find happiness in what we have.

9. Celebrate others' achievements.

10. See the hidden potential of all things. 

Life With a Purpose

According to Ellen Singer, "the moment you meet someone new is when your life can change. Somehow you will impact each other, and you have an opportunity to make a profound difference.”

Ellen Singer applies this philosophy to her clients in helping them identify their current financial picture with future financial goals.

“I surround myself with people who understand what I want to do for my clients and why, and I find knowledgeable, generous support; quality people with whom I can connect in a real way within Northwestern Mutual."

Ellen provides innovative solutions using world-class insurance services and internationally recognized investment products. Through this, she develops enduring relationships with her clients.

Whether you are concerned for your own financial needs or those of your family or your business, Ellen Singer can help you build a secure financial future.

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